Etherescan adds new messaging feature for anons: 'Blockscan Chat'

2022.01.26 05:19 Live-Scar6163 Etherescan adds new messaging feature for anons: 'Blockscan Chat'

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2022.01.26 05:19 Gamer49pizzas H: assassin 50 cal W: gunpowder

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2022.01.26 05:19 Affectionate_Map_530 Is empress garden open today?

Is it open today? Considering republic day and all
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2022.01.26 05:19 Short_Jellyfish8246 Female ASD University Students (UK) needed for study!

Participants wanted for study looking at experiences of autistic women at university, as part of a Final Year Project in Psychology.
Participants must identify as female, be aged 18 or over, be currently enrolled at a university in the UK, have a formal diagnosis of autism.
The study will consist of a questionnaire asking participants to write in some detail about their experiences of university as an autistic woman. The questionnaire should take around 25-60 minutes to complete, although there is no time limit. If you would like to take part in this study, you can access the questionnaire here: If you would like further information about the study please contact the researcher: ‘Ellie’ at [](
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2022.01.26 05:19 HopefulMonk108 Which mod pack is this?

Which mod pack is this? Can someone tell me which mod pack this is?
This was on TommyKay's video on British Raj.
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2022.01.26 05:19 serioustransition10 Hanakaze intai

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2022.01.26 05:19 purpgurlartemis After a break to focus on mental health, don't feel the same as before while talking to my partner.

Hello everyone, my first time posting on reddit and using a mobile so please bear with me. I (20,F) have been in a 5 year long relationship with A(19,M). It all started in highschool with us getting together due to mutual liking. Everything was great until i hit 12 grade and due to certain stuff at home, school and cramschool, my life started falling apart and i slowly started spiralling down in depression, it wasn't so severe at that time but eventually got severe with the onset of COVID and the stress of preparing for college entrance.
A cleared the entrance and got into a nice college the same year and i had to drop out to prepare again. Things started to get worse and worse as time passed, with no one else to talk to, most of my peers and bf already in college, it got more hard for me to get a grip on myself, sometimes even losing the sense of reality and laying in my bed for days straight. Whenever I would try to talk to my bf, he would either be busy with his college, club activities or out with his friends.
I tried to be reasonable and tried to adjust with the new normal for me, as it wasn't the first time I had adjusted my mind with something changing so drastically. But things were getting the better of me and our relationship getting worse and worse.
For instance, i wait till a certain time in evening to even text him. once, while texting him and telling him something, i thought he wasn't paying attention so i asked him, if he was busy else we could talk later, he straight up lashed at me saying that this is the most he can talk to me and if i can't appreciate this, then he'd rather do his work than waste his time. Many such instances happened but i thought that it is normal as, duh, college, new place, the pressure while I'm still stuck in my past reality in my home. I always tried to think so whenever he would lash out at me or not talk to me, mostly not paying attention to what I had to say.
Until this year I cleared my entrance and got into a college. I joined my college late, like about two weeks or so late and was still catching up with a lot that had been done. For a group assignment, i was let into a group and there I met P. Like me, P was also struggling with depression and we just clicked at an instant with us texting for hours, talking about our life, silly stuff, joking, similar interests and shit like that. The time i spend with P is the happiest i am, with us reading comics, playing games, watching movies, listening to music on Discord. We even talk, gossip, help each other out with depression shit, show each other our pets and stuff like that. It's just, a month back he admitted that he liked me. I wasn't expecting that but i also didn't feel taken aback but i told him that i was with someone and he said he knew that and wanted to just take it off his chest and he didn't expect anything back. It caused a whirlwind of shit inside me as then everytime i talked to P and i enjoyed the same as i did before, i felt guilty, as i somehow led him on, i don't know how to phrase that correctly but in short, felt guilty of enjoying my time with him. All this time, A is still 'busy' or 'too tired' like on new year's eve he slept at 10pm and i talked all night with P on the call, wishing new year, doing silly shit, pranking people on phone. It was the breaking point for me when once, at night A said he got to sleep early as he had to get up and watch a sports match in the morning, like 5-6 am ish, i thought maybe I'll wake up then, text him sweet nothings and it will be nice but, my texts are replied to 5 in the evening with him saying that he was busy later and now has to watch another sports match. To say i was furious would be an understatement but still I kept my calm. A week back i said that i want a break to focus on my mental health and just get away from all the negativity as i felt that my depression was causing me to feel unnecessarily and i was the one ruining our relationship. A day back i texted A again but i didn't feel anything while talking to him. Yes I feel so better now, the best i had in three years but still i can't shake this guilt that after a week, i was looking forward to talking to P more and just felt nothing while talking to A. It's just, I'm at a tug of war with myself and don't want to relapse back into my depressed state and starting from square one, with all the work I did on myself, like spending time with my family, introspection, taking up my hobbies again, feeling good about myself, to be just lost again. It is selfish but i want myself to be this happy and feel good and be productive and at the same time, not to hurt anyone but at the same time i want to break up with A as I think, i can't feel the same love as i did for them before. Please help.
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2022.01.26 05:19 EnergyFax SUBARU PERFORMANCE EXHAUST.

I notice in the wrx/sti accessories book, the "Sti" performance exhaust says (wrx only)
Does the sti performance exhaust not fit on sti's anymore?
I was looking to get one but im confused by the wording I currently have a 19 sti, but i had a 2016 sti that had the performance exhaust on it. And i thought the body and the under carriage was the same for both years.
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2022.01.26 05:19 Slight_Pie5261 Cursed_furry?

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2022.01.26 05:19 Stikchane Link to Page not working

For some reason in my document the link to page function only works when editing it on homebrewery, when exported to pdf the links are there and clickable but don't take you anywhere.
Formatting looks like this text.
Anyone have any idea why this could be the case?
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2022.01.26 05:19 netbananadonuthotdog WoT Blitz doesn't add anything more value to my life anymore

Yesterday I had played WoT Blitz on my Windows 10 desktop computer. In the evening, I just got bored with playing again. I just realized it was constantly the same I was doing. The fun was gone, the social aspect gone, and I wasn't planning to spend any real money on the game. So I decided to quit. Like Whatsapp. That I did quit as well. How is your experience with this? I know this might not be the best quality. But feel free to ask questions or ask for additional info. Have a nice day and choose the path of Digital Minimalism.
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2022.01.26 05:19 PeaceWeapon84 Robur 2391 Safe Deposit Lock, aka "mini 6000" - the baby version of ASSA Twin 6000. Not much easier tho.

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2022.01.26 05:19 AdFragrant9333 8394 4450 0969 Regice waiting for 10 be patient for fast raid

8394 4450 0969 Regice waiting for 10 be patient for fast raid
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2022.01.26 05:19 mannekenpix [Artist Store] A pastel cat. Limited print with certificate. Free shipping worldwide.

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2022.01.26 05:19 Hour_Director_6330 Where does Heideggar most talk about the repetition of philosophy and the subsequent death of metaphysics?

Being and Time doesn't seem to offer much introspection as I thought it would. Any other texts by him>
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2022.01.26 05:19 throwawaysorry19 I hate my ex narcissistic friend

I used to be friends with a possible narcissist, Heather (not her real name). Heather was charming and made me open up about some personal shit. Then as we stayed friends she would wave that personal info over my head, bully me into accepting her ideals. She gave me so much anxiety but also attention until I became dependent on her. I parted ways when I got the courage. She does this to all of her female friends. I think she genuinely hates most of her social circle as she always damns them to others. I was talking to a mutual friend, she told me Heather has been lying about me and making me out to be this abusive person, also making it seem like the stuff she did was done by me. For example we had a talk about what happens after we die, I'm very peaceful with the concept of death but Heather is super scared of it. She berated me and bullied me until I repented and said death indeed scared me, I didn't do it and she made me cry by bringing up my depression and traumas. Appearantly even this situation, Heather presents it to her new friends she made online as how I was so frustrated that Heather wasn't scared of death and how cool she is, making people astonished. Heather has at least 7 friend off the top of my head that she made parted ways and then made them out to be demons. The mutual friend confirmed she stalks me after MONTHS, all of my social media including Linkedin which I cannot privatize (Or block her, because she uses friend's accounts and I don't know those friends). I don't want her to live this grandiose life anymore because she was born privileged. I want her friends to know who she truly is. I want her friends to know the smack she talks behind their backs. But I'm powerless to change this and it is frustrating.
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2022.01.26 05:19 OnyxQuartz Does anyone else see waves of colors when falling asleep?

My whole life when I get to a certain point of falling asleep (or even when I’m really sleep deprived) I’ve always seen these spirals and patterns of green and purple and I was just wondering if that’s normal? Also if it is what causes that?
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2022.01.26 05:19 Francesco1986 What just happened?!

25% drop in an hour?! Anyone knows why?
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2022.01.26 05:19 GapTraditional6006 Join group chat on Telegram

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2022.01.26 05:19 CKsTechnologyNews Onboard vehicle tech becoming a safety issue, advocates say

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2022.01.26 05:19 51max50 Oh Canada. Ngl sounds legit

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2022.01.26 05:19 That_MeanVT Forget the Looks ! Need power!

I’m trying to look into getting some performance mods to give a little more power , any 1 have any suggestions? Any suggestions are welcome!! (2016-VT)
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2022.01.26 05:19 brizdoxg Fat ho

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2022.01.26 05:19 participatory1 Whats the deal with Birchcliff area, what exactly is it known for?

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