Traeger grill on balcony?

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2021.11.27 20:23 kilzfillz Traeger grill on balcony?

our HOA only allows electric grills on balconies so I have been using a George Forman type grill and extension cord.
I’d like to upgrade. Traeger grills are electric but look like a normal grill and give off a lot of smoke
See me running into an issue here?
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2021.11.27 20:23 Cooper2099 Bug or something?

Bought some props in the store today. Clicked what i wanted and then i presses the buy button, accidently pressed on "toggle gifts on" aswell because my controlled glitched.. did not receive the prop in my stash.... and cost me like 2000+ VR coins..😔 anybody have some tips?
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2021.11.27 20:23 TheKatLoaf master class ksp video

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2021.11.27 20:23 Spooky_Goober Microbe Turtle

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2021.11.27 20:23 gaogaostegosaurus_ "Lol who you talking to?"

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2021.11.27 20:23 RmJW2 That ain’t no airplane…look!

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2021.11.27 20:23 ellechen33 How to Connect Amp or Receiver?

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2021.11.27 20:23 leftcoast-usa best use for old Yoga notebook

My son had an old notebook, a lenovo thinkpad type 20cd cto1ww, that he replaced and gave to me. It's got Windows 10 on it, but only has 4GB RAM and a 100GB hard drive, although I have an SSD I could use, plus USB drives. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the RAM is upgradeable.
I don't really need it as a main system, and I have an older Dell with more RAM and SSD, although it runs Linux, which I also use on my desktop.
I'm looking for ideas of how to best use this, if it's at all worthwhile. The screen resolution is pretty low although it is a touchscreen. I'm wondering if it will run Windows OK for internet browsing and light use, like perhaps reading ebooks, watching videos, etc.
Alternatively, I think it will run Linux. I wish it could run Chrome/Android, but that's not really possible, just Chromium, no Android.
Anybody have any input?
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2021.11.27 20:23 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Nexus SC] [Neural Network] [Golden Cosmos] [Glitch: Glitched] [Crimson Discotheque]

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2021.11.27 20:23 Fragrant-Holiday The Cycle of Regaining

I’ve noticed an interesting trend on this subreddit and would be interested in people’s input. I lost around 25lbs (of the 30 or so I wanted to lose) successfully last year and felt great. I made all these lofty promises to myself about never regaining the weight etc but as you could have guessed by me being back here I did not succeed. In fact, like many of us I regained it all and more within the year. I am now at my heaviest ever and feeling every pound.
I see so many of the same stories here- people coming back time and time again to lose the same however many pounds. Most people seem to be well educated about nutrition and reasonable about their goals. A lot of people make comments about how this time it’s for good but the statistics aren’t with them- I forget the exact percentage but aren’t the majority of people who lose weight doomed to regain it? It’s not that I want to be pessimistic or to discourage people from trying. I obviously still have hope that I can make this work and I wouldn’t want to take that away from anyone else. But I can’t help but feel this sub lacks a bit or realism or self awareness? Most of the commenters talk about avoiding yo-yo dieting and how CICO is a permanent lifestyle change. Yet for most of us it clearly isn’t. Maintenance is arguably a greater challenge than the loss in the first place- how do we overcome this?
I think in some ways that my constant desire to lose weight and to change myself actually perpetuates my weight gain in the first place. I’ve obsessed over food for most of my life- I did when I was weighing every gram of food during my weight loss and I do now that I’ve regained it. I’ve been starting to think that it would actually be a more positive change for me to accept the body I live in and it’s fluctuations and stop demonising the food I put into it- it hasn’t made me happy even when it’s made me smaller. Is this just another way to torture us for succumbing to the same influences and food addictions that most of the world has? Is there any point perpetuating this need to lose x amount of weight and in the process making all of us hate ourselves if it’s not likely to work in the long run?
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2021.11.27 20:23 Educational_Jaguar86 Abbotsford

Looking for man for some crusing or a good spot in Abbotsford
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2021.11.27 20:23 Dedd_0n Explosions and fun.

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2021.11.27 20:23 Magstr34 Heatran 6396 2579 1029 adding 4 stay online!

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2021.11.27 20:23 Human-Ad8941 Carrack Replaced

Hi there. I wanted to get a feel from the community... How does everyone feel about the next big expedition ship? Do you guys think that it will have its own unique roll? Or do you think that this ship will be a replacement for the carrack? If it not obvious I am talking about the odyssey. The expedition ship with the mining head, tracktorbeam, medical bay, cargo, ship hanger, and a refinery on board....
How does the community feel about this new ship? Do we think that this is taking the hype from the carrack?
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2021.11.27 20:23 miralize Someone Posted all of Death Blart 2020 on YouTube synched up to Paul Blart 2 and it's still up. It is glorious.

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2021.11.27 20:23 SpaceLover1969 🎅 Santa Moon Floki! | Just Launched | BUSD Rewards | Huge Potential Gains | Market Cap Under 5k | New Gem | 5% To Kids For Christmas 🌙

🎅 Welcome to Santa Moon Floki! 🌙
🎅Santa Moon Floki is a one of kind Christmas charity token
📝 Contract Address: 0xdbdf44afd48c20c81522ac794240e194ddc8c2b5
The Santa Moon Floki team is dedicated and well prepared
✅BUSD Reflections
✅Locked Liquidity
✅ 5% To Kids Charity
✅ Pro Marketing Team
📈📈📈 Santa Moon Floki will incentivize gathering more holders with a 0% buy tax at key milestones and whenever we feel like it.
🎅On December 23rd, The Santa Moon Floki Team will be giving 5% of the money made to charity.
🎅Santa Moon Floki Is Giving 5% to charity!
🎅It’s time to give back this Christmas. Buy Santa Moon Floki!!!
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2021.11.27 20:23 Fryalogue Warzone Short Story No. 2

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2021.11.27 20:23 octanj Heatran 4186 6608 0290

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2021.11.27 20:23 TelephoneBusy9594 Tre White motivation

I hope the injury of one of our best players will feed the fire and supercharge our team to win ! Winning every game for Tre and win this whole thing!!!!
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2021.11.27 20:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Granny gets immigration reprieve to stay with family through the festive season | NZ Herald

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2021.11.27 20:23 mango4everdo 👜 TRENDY 👠 | Anonymous luxury shopping 🛍️ | 💎 Low mcap | No pump and dump | Redistribution and buyback

💎 $TRENDY, the token you can spend to buy original and certified Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton bags and accessories, without having to convert the tokens into FIAT currency. All sent to your home or to any place you wish, completely anonymously.
Redistribution: 2%
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Transparent and sincere devs!
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All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.
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2021.11.27 20:23 Ok_Task_4135 Me at my job

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2021.11.27 20:23 Mysterious-Song-777 Your funds are now safu

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2021.11.27 20:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Person airlifted to Whanganui Hospital after crash on SH4 | NZ Herald

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2021.11.27 20:23 Sprinkley_Binkley [Game Thread] Clemson Tigers VS UofSC Gamecocks

Watch: SEC Network Stream: we can't discuss that here according to reddit TOS but if you know you know All memes, gifs, reactions, etc go here. If possible, link game highlights from other threads to funnel the conversation over there. This is as close as we really care to get for football. Do the memes good kiddos.
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