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Clara's parcel

2021.11.27 19:47 Owl-Secret Clara's parcel

I've been through the cutscene with Clara at the city Hall and she has now asked me to find her parcel. She mentions it might have been taken to the sewers but I visited Katzia and couldn't find it. Anyone know the specifics of where the lost parcel is and how to retrieve it?
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2021.11.27 19:47 aidmon2011 Mercedes 2022 question

Will George Russell outshine/outscore Lewis Hamilton in 2022
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2021.11.27 19:47 Fl3b0 Questions regarding Civ on console

Is it possible to use mods on the Switch version?
And, most importantly, are the glitches present in the pc version on the Switch too? I thought I'd be fun to try to exploit some bugs in a new run.
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2021.11.27 19:47 09262019_ My gut feeling tells me that the interviewer was hitting on me and that if I do get the offer, it’s because he likes me and not because I’m the best fit for the job. Should I trust my gut or am I overthinking?

I [mid-20s F] went through multiple rounds of interviews for a job only to be ghosted after an awkward dinner with 6 men at the 200-person firm [5 C-Suite/VPs I’d already spoken to before the dinner, 1 SVP whom I had not]. I thought that none of them liked me.
I didn’t hear from this company after the dinner so I assumed that they ended up hiring someone else (also there are no female minorities and only TWO minority men). However, a month ago, the hiring manager (a VP) for the position I’d interviewed for searched for my LinkedIn profile (I got a notification about it) and HR called to ask me if I’d be interested in another position that reports to the SVP (senior VP who’s in his 40s).
I dragged out the communication because I was honestly not interested because I hadn’t been treated well, but one day the SVP called my personal number and left a VM to tell me that he had run into a mutual loose connection (my friend’s relative whose colleague used to work with him) and told me to call him back about the open position. I was VERY taken aback but did arrange a Zoom interview with him.
During the Zoom interview, he was arrogant/not nice and told me that even if I don’t get the position, for which he had received 600+ resumes, I can give him a call and we can meet up and he’ll give me resume advice. He said he likes mentoring minority people who are just starting out their careers.. Also he asked about my favorite book and it made me uncomfortable when he kept on asking me about the romantic hero in the classic when I was actively redirecting the conversation back to the HEROINE.
I thought I wasn’t getting the job so I did reach out to him after the interview for a one-on-one for advice. His assistant chose a cafe and named the meeting “interview”, and I was surprised because I thought I was no longer being considered. He triple texted me (looking forward to meeting, are you on your way, I’m here) right before the “interview”, which I made him wait 4 weeks for because I was busy. When I met with him, he was extremely nice, asked me a lot of great questions, also mentioned the romantic hero in the classic (and oddly enough, asked me the age difference between him and the other romantic prospect). What was weird was that when I asked him what he was reading, he mentioned Bill Clinton’s autobiography and said “I don’t know if you follow but he’s a creep who’s also linked to Jeffrey Epstein). Minutes after I left the interview, which ran over by 45 minutes, he texted me “It was wonderful to meet you in person again. Thanks -my name- for coming. Have a wonderful holiday!”.
Two hours later, his VP (early 30s) called me FOUR times to tell me that if I take the exam (the other final candidate, a white male, had already taken it awhile ago), do well on it, I will 100% get the offer. 15 minutes after I picked up the VP’s fourth phone call, the senior VP texted us both to tell me to take the exam ASAP and then wished me a happy Thanksgiving again. Honestly, his VP (who reports to him) doesn’t seem to like me and probably wants the other candidate hired.
Tldr; I [25F] met a SVP [40s M] during the interview process for a position that wasn’t on his team, which I did not get. He didn’t forget about me and has been considering me for an open spot on his team. He said this position has technically been open for 8+ months (he said himself that he’s super indecisive) and they’ve received 600+ applications. After he met up with me one-on-one, he seems to be really sure about hiring me. His decision seems to be overriding other team members’. I also made him wait 4 weeks to meet me in person and had thought they would’ve filled the position by then. Is there a catch here?
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2021.11.27 19:47 jiriks74 I feel like he's doing it on puspose...

He has stream mode enabled, it happens it on windows as well, and he says it in a way that looks like linux breaks notifications with discord... OBS turns on stream mode on discord on linux and windows... This isn't a linux issue. I'm just confused why...
I feel like they put some things that aren't true in the videos to make people more angry, like the thing with apt on manjaro. So many people tried to replicate, even me, what he said happened. Everybody got: no command found and there's no video evidence of such a thing happening.
It's not that I don't want to hear the issues of linux. I just don't want peole to think that there are problems that don't exist.
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2021.11.27 19:47 advoK8great Quick Rock Stacks Nov 27, 2021

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2021.11.27 19:47 mehasbigwilly WC spoilers:

do you think manako will replace undergrown rover and no cell black s as saitamas pet, if so are you ok with this? and if not, what do you think will happen to manako?
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2021.11.27 19:47 Ok_Task_4135 A $5 bill from 1963.

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2021.11.27 19:47 hahahahaoklol Should I replace my stone fire pit with the Yukon?

Hi all, just wanted to check on y’all’s thoughts about replacing my traditional stone fire pit with the Yukon. I am completely sold on the quality however the small size is a little off putting. I have a large back yard, and my fire pit area is quite large (around 30ft diameter) so I am worried it will be too small in the setting. Does anyone have any photos of their fire pit setups?
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2021.11.27 19:47 needs_more_yoy People who laugh at their own jokes before finishing it... is it really that funny?

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2021.11.27 19:47 It_Was_Cyan Empire Mod

Every time I try to manually defend settlements in the Empire mod, it tells me that it failed to load and the error log said "Could not execute post-long-event action. Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at Verse.Map.b__143_0 () [0x00000] in :0
at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.LongEventHandler.Verse.LongEventHandler.ExecuteToExecuteWhenFinished_Patch2()
UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace ()
(wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Log:Verse.Log.Error_Patch3 (string)
(wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.LongEventHandler:Verse.LongEventHandler.ExecuteToExecuteWhenFinished_Patch2 ()
Verse.LongEventHandler:UpdateCurrentAsynchronousEvent ()
Verse.LongEventHandler:LongEventsUpdate (bool&)
(wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Root:Verse.Root.Update_Patch1 (Verse.Root)
Verse.Root_Entry:Update ()" I have no idea how to read that, could anyone help?
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2021.11.27 19:47 AdventurousReserve1 Partnership LLC Tax question

I know I owe self employment estimated tax quarterly for my personal income….
However, do I owe estimated quarterly tax payments on the revenue or is that paid when file YE taxes ?
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2021.11.27 19:47 CThomasLafollette [Many formats] Raising a Demon by Amy Cissell [Free until: December 2nd]

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2021.11.27 19:47 bwoogie How long do you keep zucchini in?

I fed my mbunas (they're still juveniles) a slice of zucchini for the first time and they have been munching on it all day. Do you let them eat all of it or do you give them a time limit? I did discover I need to separate it so the smaller guys don't get left out. Any tips or advice you'd give for feeding veggies?
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2021.11.27 19:47 bearboy113 Drakes hates flamingo

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2021.11.27 19:47 soapcleansthings They should've known Bashir was a changeling when Dax said hi and patted him on the shoulder and he screamed, get your filthy hands off me you repulsive solid female

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2021.11.27 19:47 cupcakescandy [Request] drama show suggestions streaming (Netflix, HBO, Hulu, peacock)

Some shows I’ve loved:
Big little lies
Little fires everywhere
Good girls
Workin moms
Why women kill
Ginny and Georgia
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2021.11.27 19:47 flyingfalcons17 I tried to beat Omega Ruby without taking damage a few weeks ago, hope you guys enjoy it!

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2021.11.27 19:47 ParticularParticle79 Looking for recommendations for plastic surgeons in Mexico.

I'm looking for recommendations for someone in Mexico who can do a breast lift with implants, Galaflex, a tummy tuck, and a labiaplasty. All at once.
I had triplets 3 years ago and shit got real.
Looking for someone who has lots of experience obviously and who has a proven record of safety and good patient care.
I have received a lot of general advice like 'try Mexico City' and make sure they are licensed but would love specifics.
I've done quite a bit of research on safety and pricing and so on, so please don't tell me I should simply pay four times as much and stay in the United States because your cousin's neighbor got a bad BBL in Brazil 8 years ago.
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2021.11.27 19:47 btrlegendix Need help with samsung tab 10.1

I recieved a tab 10.1 from my dad. He reseted it before giving it to me so now its back on android 3.0
Android 3.0 is way to low for apps to work so i need to update the tablet ! But i need to add a google account 1st
When i try adding my google acc it keeps saying " username and pass dont match " but they clearly do and i know its 100% correct ! I googled a bit and they say to enable acces to less secure apps in my google acc settings .... i did that but still same issue
So now i have a tablet i cant update cuz of no added google acc but when i try i keep getting that error
Ps: yes i tried 3 diff accounts + created 2 new ones ! Always same issue
This tablet dont got a sd slot so i cant add apk on a sd card !
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2021.11.27 19:47 finanon99 Did you know that clicking on bars in a poll shows results in percentage points?

View Poll
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2021.11.27 19:47 AlmightyDenimChicken ToO matchmaking on PC = bad. noobs paired with diamonds most games.

match making is really bad. I guess there are only like 5,000 players playing or something, and the majority are people that play a lot?
Every game I'm in there is a diamond player that determines who wins.
IDK. I guess PC just does't have enough players? Or is matchmaking this bad?
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2021.11.27 19:47 RetroSeventh Getting nauseous during sparring

I started a month ago, and after a couple minutes during sparring I start getting nauseous (not because of the hits). Is this normal when you're a newbie? And is there any solutions or tips to prevent this?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.27 19:47 Chris11-6 Weird noise from Msi Coreliquid 240R

Hey guys i have recently noticed while lying in my bed without headphones on that while my PC is running it sometimes makes some weird sound for like a minute which im pretty sure comes from my AIO(specifically the pump).
The AIO is almost 1 year old and its the first one AIO i ever used, so i dont have a ton of knowledge of them.
I made a small video where i have recreated this sound with my voice because the mic of my phone somehow doesnt pic this sound up at all (when trying to record it, you literally only hear the air from the fans...)
The sound is not quite as loud and deep as my try to replicate it. If you guys have any idea what this sound is, pls tell me as this sound is quite loud and gets annoying over time and i dont want to wear headphones 24/7 It also worries me that the pump is dying or something...
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2021.11.27 19:47 ImmDanny What PSI should my regulator be at for filling tires, does it matter?

Just curious if there’s a difference when using a compressor solely for filling tires. I don’t really use my compressor for nailing or air powered automotive tools.
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