Trying to add some spice to shields

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2021.11.27 20:33 Caleb_Widogast_Fan Trying to add some spice to shields

Hi guys, I've been thinking about something lately and was asking myself if y'all could help me figuring some stuff or just give me some opinions.
First of all, I love shields in dnd 5e, i'm not changing them because i think they're flawed or i hate them, just to give some more options to my players. I was thinking about dividing shields into 3 tiers: light, medium, and heavy.
Let's start with medium shield, because those are the easiest. It's the classic dnd 5e shield. +2 AC, action to don or doff. No changes whatsoever, i think they work great as a mid tier.
Now, let's talk about light shields. I was thinking of reducing the AC bonus to +1, but I obviously wanted to balance the nerf on AC with sone other feature. Maybe a quicker way to interact with it, so don and doff as a free object interaction as part of your movement? That could be justified by the fact that it's lighter, so it's easier to manage and wield. But maybe it's not enough. I mean it could be a start, but there must be something else that can make someone choose a light shield instead of a medium or heavy (don't worry we're almost there). I took some inspiration from dark souls, where there is a particular class of lighter shields that improve the parry and make it easier. Those are less protective than other shields, but the expanded crit animation makes up for it (kinda), so i was thinking of adding something similar with the light shields. As a reaction, a character wielding a light shield can try to parry a melee attack he's receiving, imposing disadvantage on the roll. So a single use per turn, to try and parry an attack. Will it work? What do you think?
It's time to talk about heavy shields. Those are sturdier, bigger and (omg no one could guess it) heavier that other shields. +3 bonus to AC, but a character must have at least 15 STR to wield it or will have the same malus as wearing a heavy armour without meeting the STR requirement. Furthermore, a character wielding a heavy shield has disadvantage on stealth checks. Other than that, i was thinking on granting the benefit of three quarters cover for the pc wielding it, but only for dexterity saving throws (so a +5 bonus), because i figure heavy shields as tower shields or similar, so they're pretty big and covers most of the body of the wielder. Was thinking about granting the +5 bonus to DEX saving throws even to one single character that stands right behind the wielder, so in a situation where who wields the shield is in the middle between the effect imposing the saving throw and the ally, but i'm not sure about this one, seems pretty exagerated. as for the light shield, i was trying to think about something specific that can help someone choose them. I thought about a bonus action stuff, like a charge to shove someone and make him fall prone. If you run at least 20ft straight, as a bonus action you can try and make someone in front of you fall on the ground. The target must make a Strenght saving throw (DC 8 + proficency + STR) or be knocked prone, and you choose if the target falls 10ft away.
What do you think? I'd like to have some opinions, what do you think is broken (both if OP or unusable), what would you change? And last but not least, what do you like about all of this shit?
Thank you!
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2021.11.27 20:33 Few-Sheepherder-8227 Can some1 order me a pizza... I'll pay him back next week

What's up community I know kinda desperate but I'm broke atm and hungry as fuck... So I thought some1 could do something good and order me something to eat I don't want money I just Want a pizza I'm from Germany... Anyways sorry for my English..
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2021.11.27 20:33 Rickxo14 Belly Drum Poli-line

Need a Poliwag/whirl/wrath with belly drum. would anyone be keen to trade
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2021.11.27 20:33 niclaswwe Long day at work, just tryna relax with some Conquest, this ruins two games in a row within its first 5 minutes each. Had this bug fixed 2 weeks ago with folder tweaking, now its back and crashes the game even faster. I'm just tired y'all.

Long day at work, just tryna relax with some Conquest, this ruins two games in a row within its first 5 minutes each. Had this bug fixed 2 weeks ago with folder tweaking, now its back and crashes the game even faster. I'm just tired y'all. submitted by niclaswwe to battlefield2042 [link] [comments]

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2021.11.27 20:33 hanhien_salo Painted this tonight, maybe doing an ink piece later. ©MH, The Old Lighthouse, 27.11.2021, watercolor on paper, A4.

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2021.11.27 20:33 00psth1sn4me1st4ken Question: So does the DLC occasionally go on sale? The Sequel.

I already asked this on dragonballfighterz and got my answer. Now I'm wondering if the same can happen to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. I want to get the Super Pack as well as the Extra and Ultra Pack (mostly for DBS Broly, SSGSS Vegito and SSG Vegeta), but it's a little too pricy for me.

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2021.11.27 20:33 paranoiastreet dosing clam

i have liquid clam tincture. i need to taper so i’m gonna it to my mom to ration. what’s the best thing i could drip it on to soak in and not lose potency? i’ve done it on candy and also seen marshmallows used.
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2021.11.27 20:33 alextehnurd Looking at Engagement center stone - Would love some insight!

Hello all, Just like many on this subreddit I am very inexperienced with diamonds/jewelry and looking for some advice.
Currently am looking at the stone below for a solitaire band.

  1. What are general opinions on the stone?
I was offered this stone + 14k white gold solitaire band, as well as a 3mm width 14k channel set wedding band for $4300 from a small family owned business. Does this seem appropriate?
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2021.11.27 20:33 moolord Are there any safety precautions I should take starting up this old compressor? It has been in storage for almost 10 years

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2021.11.27 20:33 Bookishworm111 Rfid theft still a thing?

Is the being able to skim your direct debit card still a think as I was able to use my contact less card without taking it out of my wallet. Are they any good wallets that have the rfid blocking tech to prevent this issue.?
I saw, some on ebay but done just look like cheap wallets claiming to have rfid blocking tech
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2021.11.27 20:33 Rem_404_25 Our story

tw: abuse, loss of parents
This is Tiffany, I'm 19 as we as an age slider. I have 2 other alters that I'm aware of. Tyson (20, age slider), and Nate, 27. Whenever we were very young I have distinct memories of my sister Pam reading me stories and telling me if I didn't do these things or be this way I'd go to hell. She did that very often, and it was very traumatizing. A few other things happened that I'd rather not mention on here... My parents weren't /that/ abusive but let me sister do those things. At about 9 years old my mom got very sick and ended up passing away, I held her hand as she went. It was one of the worst nights of my entire life. Well, I always enjoyed being a little girl, but I had this other part of me that's been with me for as long as I could remember. Tyson, he just recently manifested himself outwardly about 2 years ago. I truly think he developed around the time of the religious abuse, I think Nate developed more recently whenever I was in an abusive relationship with my ex girlfriend. I actually don't know when or why, he's more of a protector. He's very internalized but he has fronted. The only thing I really know about him is he has a fear of cats. Which might be why he stays inside most of the time, I love cats and have several. I have one other system I work with they've been a long time supporter of us for many years now and our systems get along great. It makes us all feel less alone.
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2021.11.27 20:33 Nuclear11 Pen bugging out and another question.

Pen bugging out and another question. So I've been using my pen for a few months now, and it's been working really well. Recently though, I noticed that the tracking wasn't going smoothly, and it kept branching out in random directions when I moved the cursor. I'm using a CTL-472, but I'm not using the Wacom drivers. I'm using another driver called OpenTabletDriver, because I play osu and I heard it was good. I think it started when I uninstalled the official Wacom drivers, so it might have some interference, but the areas I used were pretty different so it shouldn't be because it saved the area from the official drivers.
When I hold the pen down and don't move it, I can still see that it shakes slightly, even if there is no movement with what I'm doing.
I drag while I play osu, and I noticed that hovering made it worse, so I didn't do that
When I drew a circle in MS Paint, it just branches out into lots of separate triangular shapes, and doesn't make a circle at all.
This is my area:
This is what it looks like:
Another question I have is about the nibs. My first nibs are almost gone, and when I took it out I saw a lot of space left, and was wondering if there was a way to utilize that remaining space.
Thanks to any help :)
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