Told my friends I didn’t want to collaborate with them and now they’re ignoring me

2021.10.23 15:31 thanarealnobody Told my friends I didn’t want to collaborate with them and now they’re ignoring me

2 friends from work contacted me saying they wanted to collaborate on a project.
I showed them something I was working on and they wanted to take it in.
However after a few conversations, I realised that they wanted to apply for funding that I think is too low and then they asked me to drastically change the project in order to fit their budget.
All of this happened over the course of a month and it all happened to fast.
Both of them were having conversations without me, making decisions and I felt I didn’t have a lot of info.
They want to apply for funding in a week.
I sent them email saying that I don’t think it would work with the budget and changes and that I apologise and will help them with any of their own projects they wanted to submit.
However they’ve just completely ignored me and aren’t talking to me now.
Don’t know what to do or if I was out of line
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2021.10.23 15:31 Revolutionary-Two420 Identify pls

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2021.10.23 15:31 stickittothe The lulu of this teeshirt is coming off. The store in my town will not replace it. Suggestions?

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2021.10.23 15:31 Darren-B80 Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble

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2021.10.23 15:31 Specialist_Fennel_87 Am i shadowbanded

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2021.10.23 15:31 xmcrookzz [Ps4]H:list(Can bundle things) W:Aa/B Fixers/Handmades/Railways or aa/b e 90/15r 50cal or Legacys

Fixer:B/E/15r,TS/50H/25,Ari/e/250,Be/dur,Jug/50H,Handmade:Jug/FF90,50cal:Aa/50H/Agi,Cryolator:B/50H/90,Doublebarrel:B/50H/90,Tesla:Q/50B,Railway:Ts/50/90,Mele:Fireaxe:B/ss/90,Pickaxe:B/40P/90,Grognak:J/Ss/90,Armor:ForestScout:LeftArm:Uny/agi/Junk,RightArm:Uny/lck/Junk,RightLeg:Uny/lck/ele,UrbanScout:LeftLeg:uny/poison/dur,ChestPiece:Uny/end/tox ,HeavyCombat:LeftArm:Uny/warm/Safe,Marine:ChestPiece:uny/peicy,LeftArm:uny/hard/tox,ShroudedWood:ChestPiece:uny/i/fdc,ChestPiece:uny/env/Limb,RightLeg:uny/fire/fdc
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2021.10.23 15:31 chellekathryn When you get a kindle replacement under warranty do they always send out refurbished?

For example my old kindle wasn’t working right so I asked for a new one since my old one is under warranty and they sent me a refurbished kindle. Does this always happen?
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2021.10.23 15:31 Lundgren-Bronze Made a war hammer out of bronze. If you want to see the whole process I’ll post a link in the comments

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2021.10.23 15:31 Derek_Coal Venez insta ma pote ma clc je veux que quelqu'un tribute sur elle insta : nathan.69brl

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2021.10.23 15:31 pallamas Mardi Gras Is Back!

Just if you are living under a rock, Mayor Cantrell tweeted yesterday Unless we see a dramatic turn for the worse in our COVID numbers, Mardi Gras (2022) will roll once again""
The announcement has been met with enthusiasm, although we are all committed to ensuring participant safety. .
Thanks to all of you for your patience and perseverance. The Cone Loves You. A more formal and complete announcement will be issued later this week.
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2021.10.23 15:31 aspirant179 IM and scores

Is IM all about scores????
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2021.10.23 15:31 justagoldengirl First bloom since I bought it :) 🌸 smells amazing!

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2021.10.23 15:31 budanervoso Is this guy have any special stuff when upgraded?

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2021.10.23 15:31 magicdoll Check out this #NFT for sale on Mintable! Pick up 'Death of a Planet' before its swooped up!

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2021.10.23 15:31 RossChenard Typical carry

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2021.10.23 15:31 anton_majuri Someone from genshin

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2021.10.23 15:31 Lizard1995 Mf's can't even get their story straight

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2021.10.23 15:31 Ashnakag3019 I missed her call, I feel like absolute sh*t

She called me and I missed it! It has been almost a year since her last call and I missed it! Aarggghhh! I feel so extremely terrible. There was probably something wrong that she wanted to vent about and I wasn't there! I texted her an apology and asked what was up, but she hasn't replied. Which probably indicates she called someone else instead and didn't get it yet. Which makes me feel even worse.
I was too scared to call her back, I have major calling anxiety as it is. Combine that with her being my crush and me missing the call. I was too scared. But I feel sick. I feel absolutely sick. She needed me and I wasn't there. FUCKING SHIT!
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2021.10.23 15:31 Heigengraw Custom Sk card, a damage receiver that never ends

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2021.10.23 15:31 Ayacchii Save file (PC) got corrupted. Looking for save file either beginning of Act 2 or at the very least starting of Fragments (Act 1)

So as the title says, my latest save file somehow got corrupted and since I'm the type to overwrite my save files the latest I have is somewhere during the Crossbell part of Act 1
And I do not want to go through the pain of playing any portion of Act 1 pre-fragment chapter so would appreciate if any of you can share them ☺️
Preferably I'd like a 100% (obtained all APs and books and the likes that were available at that point) since that was how my progress went but if that's not possible it's okay! I just really don't want to go through pre-fragment Act 1 again
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2021.10.23 15:31 mandarinas56 How do i contact damn Runescape support?

I keep getting this message: Too many log in attempts,please wait a few minutes before trying again. And i can't log in for +10 hours and it's hapenned like 2nd time in a week now. I can't log in on any runescape account, but i can log in on mobile tho. Is There any damn way i can contact Runescape support so they can check wtf is this?
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2021.10.23 15:31 Tha_Dude_Abidez USDT not showing up to be traceable?

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2021.10.23 15:31 Loose_Act_9045 Help

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2021.10.23 15:31 MaleficentFalcon Ederson deserves an inclusion in the weekly villain list

Gave away that brainless and completely unecessary pen and wiped the Cancelo/Dias cs, absolute knobhead.
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