Thought this belonged here no the whole thing but just the picture

2021.10.23 13:30 Abject_Hovercraft838 Thought this belonged here no the whole thing but just the picture

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2021.10.23 13:30 A_chinche_cinetico Prohíben funcionar a fábrica de cecinas tras detección de carne descompuesta en San Carlos

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2021.10.23 13:30 AlastorDoesntFuck_1 How we doing?

I have a blanket on, still cold
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2021.10.23 13:30 zaptrem Free rides anywhere in Ithaca Saturday (part 3!)

Hey everyone, last Tuesday was a huge success! I got lots of interviews and likely saved people >$100 in Uber fees. I want to keep a good thing going so I’m back again today!
If your pickup and destination are within ~25 minutes of Cornell I’ll save you $20 and bring you there for free. In exchange, I’d love to do a short interview during the ride about your experience at Cornell. I’m doing market research for an eLab Cornell startup ReLearn.
Interested? Reddit DM me anytime between 11am-10pm today (Saturday) with two Google Maps links (one to your pickup and one to destination) and I’ll send you an ETA.
Proof I'm a Cornell Student: Due to /cornell's "self doxxing" rules I can't post a direct link to my personal info. Just click the eLab link above and ctrl+f ReLearn (my project) for proof my project is legit. Or just read my extensive Reddit history. I can provide you info when you DM as well.
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2021.10.23 13:30 gyvelvej48 Deku inu x10

Let pump DEKU INU x10 Go for 1000% 24 hour 🚀🚀
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2021.10.23 13:30 PlatePuzzleheaded723 Elation 5r pro overhaul

Hi everyone. Can anyone help with advice?
I have 4 elation 5r pro that were sitting in their cases for many many years. I would like to use them, finally. Before i do, i would like to check and overhaul what's needed. In general or something specific, what can i expect, be ready for and things i should pay attention to? Does anyone know or has a suggestion? Thank you in advance.
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2021.10.23 13:30 Kolorfied Looking for high quality Swimming Diver Robot Stencil Image.

I do disc golf dyes. I already did a mac silhouette dye. Now I wanna do the swimming robot dye.
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2021.10.23 13:30 mblp20 Fuck every defense

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2021.10.23 13:30 eddrocks Timing window inconsistency

This isn’t a post to rag on SDS. Instead, just wanted to put out some observations and see what everyone else thinks.
First year player. I play on PS4 with a newer monitor, strong internet connection, and with cross play off. Highest rank is 749, so most games at All Star and some at HOF.
1) There are days, or portions of a day, where I can catch up to any outlier pitcher with ease. The ball tracks cleanly and everything feels crisp.
2) Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I can’t get close to being on time. Even on mid 90’s fastballs. Even playing CPU at easy difficulties. Sometimes the ball seems to chop its way to the bat, along with other obvious signs of lag.
There is veiled discussion about this with the YouTube content creators, but they are all so burnt out on the game at this point it’s hard to take some of their complaints seriously.
I assume other experience this, so my questions are:
1) Do you think this explained by changes in my reflexes, reaction time, etc., or is it related to the servers, internet connection, etc.?
2) If you believe the latter, is there some sort of technical explanation? I ask because I don’t really have enough knowledge on the matter to have an informed opinion.
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2021.10.23 13:30 Etherealmushroom11 With this weather, they should permanently move Shaky Knees to October!

What a vibe! The weather is perfect! The spooky knees energy is just something else. What do you think?
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2021.10.23 13:30 SA183 Please help me identify the plumbing rough-ins in my basement!

I need help identifying these rough-ins. Here are my guesses:
1 is for a sink/vanity. 2 inch pipe diameter 2 is for a toilet. 3 inch pipe diameter 3 is for a shower. inside the hole is a 2 inch pipe and the box provides room for a p trap to be installed 4 is the vent for #3 The arrow points toward the direction of the location of the ejector pump, about 8 feet away from #4
If I am correct, then where is the vent for the toilet?
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2021.10.23 13:30 one-punch-knockout Scene of the Crime

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2021.10.23 13:30 reddit_feed_bot andrewklavan: RT @LlMatthew: Ep. 1053 - Will the Cold Civil War Turn Hot? #CivilWarComing #AndrewKlavanShow #AndrewKlavan @andrewklavan @realDailyWire #FreeTheRepublic

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2021.10.23 13:30 Dromaeosaurs Ahhh yes... flying cameras...

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2021.10.23 13:30 BetLowGang Any Discord Servers ?

Finding friends/peeps that wanna run dungeons together, currently t4 Healer ip 780.
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2021.10.23 13:30 XxFierceGodxX Grades: San Antonio Spurs at Denver Nuggets - Game #2

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2021.10.23 13:30 defundpolitics Not normally into conservative news but when it comes to mysterious deaths and the Clintons its hard to ignore.
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2021.10.23 13:30 PAWGoftheDay mASSive

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2021.10.23 13:30 AstronomerDecent3973 Raiblocks MC | Store Update

Thanks Nano Community
First off, I want to thank everyone who joined the server ( even once ), gave feedback in the previous release thread or on our discord server, to the people that donated to help run the server or just anyone who participated in this project. It helped us a lot, so thanks again :)

A few statistics about the server
Processing img lgkse61d18v71...
The new update
In addition to several fixes, this update add the possibility for players ( as requested per the community ) to create shops inside of their plots in which they can sells items to other players in Nano.
Processing gif mxynjhrp38v71...
A command tutorial for the shop module is available on the #plugin-tutorial channel of our discord.
Where can you find us ?

We are once again open to any feedback you may have for future updates. See you soon in-game :))
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2021.10.23 13:30 Va3Victis Get in debt to buy a costume from a show about debt

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2021.10.23 13:30 DnDisawesomefightme A little fuzzy but still a good pic

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2021.10.23 13:30 MentalAd9651 Kinder egg rip off

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2021.10.23 13:30 OAG_callmeoa123 Jessie looks….

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2021.10.23 13:30 New_town_burnout Whats the safe word?

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2021.10.23 13:30 skyewalker89 Joey Badass Type Beat | Sawbuck | Free for Profit | Boom Bap

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