IMAP Some Rap Music

2021.10.23 15:18 PlatHavPro IMAP Some Rap Music

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2021.10.23 15:18 Leazx NBA WHAT??

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2021.10.23 15:18 DeshaDaine Just had a conversation about fanfiction with my dad.

And it wasn't terrible.
He asked me what I was reading, and it's a fic from a show he doesn't even recognise the name of and he had no clue at all what fanfiction is so I didn't quite know where to start.
Is it free? He asked with wonder. So I explained about fanfiction and said yep, it's free and he is mind-blown.
I ended the conversation by mentioning a few of my favourite fics and the fandoms they are from (never more relieved that my favourite stories are gen 90% of the time).
Then I sent him a tag from the fic I'm reading because it made me laugh.
This comes after casually mentioning fanfic to my mum and also sending several links to one of my avid reader friends who hadn't even heard of fanfiction.
That's the confidence this sub (and a lot of time) has given me.
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2021.10.23 15:18 Chaddena_Makol_42 Desperately need building tips!

Ik this sounds a bit stupid but I've been playing Minecraft for about 2 years now and I usually do well in survival (the Nether and End, etc.), but the one constant problem I have is that I can never make a house or any other building that looks any good, in both creative and survival.
I don't know why, but it always ends up as some ugly, linear fusion of wood and cobblestone or concrete, and even having made it myself I usually dislike my work.
So I'm asking if anybody has any good tips - general tips, not like those step-by-step things - to help me make my buildings look more pleasing to the eye. Anything is fine, I just want to know some ways to for example blend materials well, or shape structures into something cool, and also cool places to put my stuff for personalization.
I appreciate anything, and constructive criticism is also ok. Thanks 😁
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2021.10.23 15:18 JJbot1 Why I don't say "North American" (or: what is Canadian culture?)

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2021.10.23 15:18 gabevf Will three GPU's fit in this case?

Hi there, here's my build on PCPartPicker:
It has 3 GPU's (2x AMD RX 6900XT + 1x RX 6800). I'm looking at the Fractal Torrent case as a replacement but idk if the my setup will fit.
With a 3-slot GPU on the bottom PCI port, will there be enough space for the fans at the bottom of the case? I also have a 360mm Radiator, and without fans at the bottom, I'm afraid airflow will be compromised... thoughts? Suggestions?
Thank you!
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2021.10.23 15:18 Whey-Men The Myanmar military’s recent decision to release thousands of prisoners is due to international pressure, and not a real sign of change, human rights activists say.

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2021.10.23 15:18 ohlordwhyisthishere This was one of my favorite episodes in a long time

I think this is probably everything I've ever expected from a blue bloods episode. Not only did they (sort of) address issues of cops covering for each other and police brutality, they also managed to talk about how the job can have serious effects on an officers mental health.
I gotta say, this Baker plotline was the first in a while where I was actually tense about the outcome. Abigail is one of the characters on this show that I really care about, and I'm gonna be honest, I was a little worried that if the show actually got rid of her husband, some viewers would start asking for a romance between her and Frank. Thank god they didn't do that.
I was wondering how the show would "fix" Brian's police brutality-ing by the end of the episode, and I kind of like that they didn't. He needed therapy, and he agreed to get it. Nobody let him off the hook. That's the kind of storyline we need right now.
All in all, a solid 8/10 for me. I love when they make episode that lets Abigail Hawk do something other than opening doors, and this really worked for me. Nice.
Also, though I liked Witten, I am a big fan of how they led up to her departure. Good story writing.
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2021.10.23 15:18 Cars_sheep_08 holup

is that stupid " best friend " song saying we killing em???? JESUS CHRISTLER!!!!
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2021.10.23 15:18 OberTired27 Help with contact form 7

Anyone know if it's possible to have a form with multiple fields save to the WP database? I need all the fields to have their own column in the DB (not just an entry of the email)
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LLUVIA SOBRE TECHO FUERTE CON TRUENOS - PANTALLA OSCURA [10:00] submitted by TheTowerOfRelaxing to RelaxingYoutubeVideos [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 15:18 Cleverusername531 TIL Hippos sleep underwater even though they breathe air. They automatically close their nostrils and surface to breathe every 3-5 minutes. This all happens unconsciously, even in their sleep.

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2021.10.23 15:18 TraditionalGoal422 🚀$Pulsecake | 🚀1095% $PULSECAKE Apy Miner 🚀| New All-Time-High Every Day🚀 | 🥞$Pulsecake 🥞 Liquidity Locked for 1 YEAR | $PulseCake is joining the wave of e

$PULSECAKE🥞🎆 is a community meme token on Binance Smart Chain.
💎Our target is to bring adoption to the PulseChain Network from launch, by providing a swap as one of the primary features of our platform.
💎PulseChain is a new Blockchain-based cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers significant enhancements over the legacy Ethereum platform. ... The PulseChain platform will be the largest platform launch and largest airdrop, or initial distribution, in the history of Blockchain.
💪🏽All holders will receive an equal 1 : 1 airdrop on PulseChain at launch.
Tired of having all your money taken away with taxes when you buy and sell? while the developers keep it all for themselves? We're Zero TAX! You free to sell and buy without worrying about TAX
All PulseCake holders will receive a 1:1 ratio of all PULSECHAIN tokens one to one.
Fair Launched ✅
Zero Tax✅
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100x Moonshot✅
Based Dev✅
Liquidity locked for 1 YEAR🔒 ✅
💰Contract: 0x0dcc3eb620059b8b731ea30ffd82a19ded497f1a
💰 Pancakeswap :
💰 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.23 15:18 MarinetteXLila Quit/Fired From My Job. Looking To Better My Life.

I had a job at a restaurant making about $11 an hour. I was promised a raise to $12. I didn't get it. I was told I was still going to get it but I was originally told that about 2 months ago that it would start going into my pay.
Yesterday I was "Fired" and the issue mainly had to do with pay. Although it was somewhat a different issue my reaction and words were based on my lack of being paid what I was promised.
Anyways can you all help me? I will number my issues so that you can reply a bit easier by adding those numbers to your reply if you want to.
A few notes to keep it easier: I live in the USA. I am single. Never Married. No Children... I also have NO friends and NO family (And that isn't an exaggeration)
So Now I Want To Do Better. Here are a few things I have wanted for a while:
-1. I would like a better job. I would prefer to either love the job or be paid high. Normally you don't get either. I would like a job paying $12-15+ an hour. I could take lower for a really fun job like if I was paid to make youtube videos or draw comic books everyday I would be fine with $7.25 an hour because I would love what I do...
How can I get a better job that I may actually like?
What are some job/career recommendations that don't require a college degree?
What are some ways I can make extra money now?
-2. I would like a better car. Honestly my car looks really cool and considering it cost less than $2000 and I've had it a couple years I really love how it looks. BUT the past six months I have had a lot of issues and now I feel out of place. I know my car could use a spark plug change but it has many other issues including one I think I fixed for $8 with JBWeld that I was quoted for over $1500 at a mechanic shop. The main issue is that it has a lot of issues and issues that coincidence with other issues such as oil in the spark plugs area. I am afraid to fix something and then the car dies anyways.
So you think it would be better to keep my current car or buy a new one?
Should I only fix the issues I am fully aware of that are reasonable price?
-3. I would like a home or an apartment. Yeah... I live in my car currently. I can save a decent amount of money doing this and although food costs a lot more it is still very inexpensive. At some point I want to get a home or an apartment. With a job I could only really afford rent of $500 up to $1000 a month. Also I have No Credit. It's not good or bad... I just never have had any loans or anything.
Would it be better to rent an apartment or mortgage a home?
Is buying a home on mortgage a valuable investment?
Can I do these things with no credit?
-4. I would like to invest in my hobbies. I have a few things I want to be very good at: Art/Drawing and Martial Arts. I have not had any training in either of these. My favorite is drawing. I would love to be able to draw perfect. Right now my drawing ability is okay but compared to the drawings others can do I'm not that great. I would love to improve and even make money with it. Second is Martial Art. I just want that so I can defend myself if I ever need to. I don't want a career out of it. I also know how to play chess, solve a rubiks cube and other puzzles, and I used to be able to play musical instruments like piano and string instruments. I also write fanfiction and I like writing... But Ultimately my DREAM is to draw comics and write stories for people and for myself. I have so many ideas and I wish I could convey them...
Is it worth investing my time on bettering myself in Art or Martial Arts?
Which would be the best hobby of I want to monetize it or put out for public?
How can I do these things while also working?
-5. I would like to travel... Not Everywhere but I have wanted to go to the Philippines recently. I have talked to people online and they seem friendly and smart. I have been quite adverse to Americans... Yeah I live in the USA. I don't like that so many people love drugs and sex and promiscuity and "partying"... I may be wrong but most Americans seems selfish and tasteless. Now I may not know much about Philippines but the people there do seem nicer and have less crazyness going on... And I know it's very cheap there and if you make $20,000 US Dollars a year you are equal to the top like 10 percent in Philippines. Their minimum wage is about $200 USD per month...
Do you think it would be worth traveling to Philippines someday?
Is it okay if I look for a partner who may be like me in a foreign land?
-6. I would like to retire someday. I plan on potentially retiring someday. If I retire in the USA that will take a long time but I want to do things so I actually can. I struggle now and save as much money as possible so someday I can retire. If I wanted to retire in the Philippines I could with $200,000 (Even $100,000 is enough) and keep all that money of I get 0.04 percent from like stock investments or something. I don't want to work all my life and achieve nothing.
Do you think it is possible to start investing money into the stock market to help my retirement goal?
Is it alright to struggle now and save what I can in hopes of getting there someday?
Is retiring in another country okay if it is more realistic money wise?
How can I balance all of these things? Normally I Just place all my time at work and save what I can... I have an issue thinking that I am wasting time if I am not at work but time and time again these jobs show me how little they care and their pay also reflects that.
What should I do with my life?
If you were in my situation what would you do?
Any other helpful suggestions or words?
Please help me! Thanks!
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2021.10.23 15:18 zippee100 best

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2021.10.23 15:18 DIEGODEV_ONE os moderadores removeram meu post por nada kkkkkkkkkkk

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2021.10.23 15:18 WeentarAdmin Twitter: What are your top tips for new #NFT collectors? Reply ⬇️

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2021.10.23 15:18 SpecialSeasons Best of Kino (1 hour)

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2021.10.23 15:18 Fair-Two395 Every Celebrity Shoot Ever

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2021.10.23 15:18 Professional-Test902 26F From San Francisco CA. Been having bad times in all my relationships, Searching to talk to someone new matured or older and see where it leads.

I'm an open book feel free to HMU
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2021.10.23 15:18 Beautiful_Fishing569 Gaario

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2021.10.23 15:18 goingtacos Cobble Hill - Sherlock - 1000 pcs. Good choice for fans of Sherlock and fans of the color beige.

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2021.10.23 15:18 Estoye ♪ There’s nothing else I can do, ‘cause in doing it… ♪

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2021.10.23 15:18 Y1OG4 Overloading the hospitals is by design

It was clear a year ago, when New York hospitals were overwhelmed, that COVID could break the public healthcare systems. Since then, politicians who are against public access to healthcare or who back a two-tier system, have been dragging their feet on any policy that would reduce the spread of COVID.
Remember this when they say our healthcare systems are broken and need to be replaced with a profit-driven model. Saskatchewan healthcare is prepared for privatization because it's already a separate entity.
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2021.10.23 15:18 melinez Prevent binging

So I’ve successfully lost 105 pounds through meal prepping and working out, when I do this I am able to control exactly what I eat , weight loss etc. I find I’m an all or nothing person , if I eat sugar I will binge it so the only way for me to not binge is to tightly control what I eat! I’m wondering if this is unhealthy to do??
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