Court Summons for Specials

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2021.10.23 13:58 severn87 Court Summons for Specials

I received a summons to give evidence for a public order job that I assisted arrest on back in summer. Went to court and sat around for two hours with my regular colleague only for the prosecution solicitor to tell us CPS wanted to pursue additional charges so it had been rescheduled to November. I had to book a day off work to attend this so complete waste of a day. The defense team knew and didn't even turn up at court but our time doesn't matter apparently. Before the date I asked witness care about expenses and reclaiming wages for the day I'd had to book off, they said I'd need to present myself to CPS as a civilian witness on the day and I'd be given an expenses form, obviously they didn't show up so I couldn't. Solicitor there wasn't able to provide one nor were the court offices. I've been chasing witness care ever since to now be told that as I attended as a special constable I wasn't entitled to reclaim my expenses. I'm absolutely fuming, I'm all for giving up my time when I want to but the fact I had to basically rearrange my civilian life for nothing has really ticked me off. Does anyone know where I stand on this, it feels like discrimination, my regular colleague obviously got paid, any other civilian witness would have been able to claim but because I regularly give up my time I can't??? To add insult to injury it's now been closed as NFA and the court date cancelled but no-one other than my colleague bothered to tell me 🙄
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2021.10.23 13:58 sleepybastardbalkan Cursed Roosevelt

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2021.10.23 13:58 Ok-Huckleberry-981 [Xbox] H: BE90 NU Laser, B2525 Fixer, Bz2525 Fixer, J2525 Fixer, G2525 Fixer (5:1) W: 3* Legacy Laser (No Bloody, Junkie)

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2021.10.23 13:58 TheStickOnReddit Holy shit

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2021.10.23 13:58 Dzidzi_91 Great project NFT ;) still early ;) you do not want to miss this 💪🏻
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2021.10.23 13:58 elithecat Black Clover - Charmy (Minimalist art)

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2021.10.23 13:58 BreathComfortable780 Looking for Big Mom mini-figure

Looking for Big Mom mini-figure Anyone know where I can buy this figure?
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2021.10.23 13:58 dy14n19 Long shot but does anyone remember the name of the old brown home economics book?

My mother was telling me about how when she was at school they were taught recipes from an old brown to her knowledge book, paper-thin if her memory serves. Just wondering if anyone knows what it might have been called? She recalls the recipes being quite good. The 80s-90s would've been when she was in secondary school. Thanks.
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2021.10.23 13:58 blakewood18 This was too good of a meme to not share

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2021.10.23 13:58 LOUCIFER_315 Grandparents are the best!

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2021.10.23 13:58 cookiemonster730 Even my Wifi knows Sasuke been nerfed

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2021.10.23 13:58 PortugalOnReddit [r/WTF] Big wave surfing at Nazaré, Portugal

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2021.10.23 13:58 Cunt_Worshiper Friends pass?

Ay is there no friends pass on launch I bought the game but apparently my friend who has the free trial can’t join me? Xbox one btw.
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2021.10.23 13:58 Sky_Beee HELP

I have only been playing for a few months but I have been to SO many mystery islands and can’t ever get anything except for cherries, apples, bamboo, and palm trees.
Any advice on how to find oranges, peaches, or pears? Thanksss
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2021.10.23 13:58 Dmoneystopmotion When you open the edit properties on Google and change the website itself

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2021.10.23 13:58 BigBadBudDhaddy Having finally run out of chances with Harriet, ole' Double Tap found the rebound brought previously unfathomable depths of desperation...

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2021.10.23 13:58 STTAM666 First time buying at a local restaurant called "Food and love", ordered a four cheese pizza and this is why they delivered.

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2021.10.23 13:58 Vast-Tap-825 Blon bl03 vs Tripowin Mele HBB

I'm thoroughly enjoying the blons. Post chaging the cable, stock tips with cp100 coupled with shanling ua1 DAC, I'm blown away by its sound quality especially the bass, mids and natural tonality. Treble extension is very good but I found it even better on the other iem I have kz zsn pro x. Are the mele's clear upgrade across all the areas where the blons have excelled? Or I should go for Aria, the next upgrade from blons? Have the Spaceship and love it's natural mellow sound, however post blons, I have stopped listening to it, because the blons sounded more fuller with great sub bass extension!! Pls help!!
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2021.10.23 13:57 RowLazy4898 Se alguém quiser bater uma pra ela, chama pv

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2021.10.23 13:57 fingers_toes_soles Still sandal weather for me 💛

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2021.10.23 13:57 rocoonshcnoon When you do good things for other people you'll find you have people willing to do good things for you. People provide when they are provided for.

I often find people with hate in their hearts only receive hate. Whenever I meet a hateful person I feel showing them hatred only isolates them more and makes them more hateful. Often i ask them why they are mad, why they feel that way or if they are okay. Yes its true some people only wish to cause harm but assuming all people who do bad things are not to be saved and are bad people only makes the issue worse.
If you go out of your way to help someone you'll find it makes a difference.
or maybe im just stupid
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2021.10.23 13:57 DoDaOpposite Try this screener.

Symbol - all stocks, warrants, etfs, etc
Exchanges - all
Ave 30 day volume >500k to infinity
Last between 10 and ( whatever you can afford, I did $100 )
BETA >1.5
9EMA crosses 20SMA
Using this, on three trades I spent less than $500 last Weds and Thurs on 3 tickers expiring on Friday. 2 puts and 1 call. I sold them on Friday for $3400 in profit. I have 4 more each over 100% right now that expire on this coming Friday. I almost sold them all, but with the money I made I figured at take more risk on the other 4. I know the theta is going to start really eating in on me, but this is all still kind of live research for me.
Any other screeners you guys are using that are paying off?
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2021.10.23 13:57 CouldBeRaining Got this little guy from my local big box hardware store, Hudson Valley NY, US.

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2021.10.23 13:57 motleycrueandscrew [FT] Merry [LF] Wishlist, gold Nuggets

She only got fossils from me, should otherwise be ungifted.
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2021.10.23 13:57 SaulKD Taliban ‘forcibly evicting’ Hazaras and opponents in Afghanistan

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