DOOM Eternal on a 6GB VRAM Intel UHD 630 - Kinda runs, but crashes are absolutely going to happen.

2021.09.28 16:05 SimonOldGachaHater DOOM Eternal on a 6GB VRAM Intel UHD 630 - Kinda runs, but crashes are absolutely going to happen.

It either -
A. Closes to Desktop
B. Crashes your whole PC
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2021.09.28 16:05 Shia-Kazing My cat looking rather handsome

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2021.09.28 16:05 refryedbeams should I play bass guitar? ?? help

I'm hoping the folks here, with your knowledge and a bit of kindness can help me because I'm completely scattered, I'm hoping the below is useful information. I just took a "what instrument should you play" quiz and I was like, the fact that I'm using an online quiz means I need help. it did give me bass guitar but that's not why I'm posting this on this subreddit.
I've been agonizing over getting an electric bass guitar or like a regular archtop or something. I'm a beginner, I have picked up some stuff on a guitalele I'm borrowing and I'm more interested in finger picking so I've barely learned any chords yet. I like and want to play a wide range of things I think, like blues, indie/rock, but also I like a lot of shoegaze and downtempo. I particularly like hozier's music especially the more blues inspired stuff.
I have a very difficult time with music theory, but I've learned piano by ear somewhat. In school band I played the big upright drum, I was the only one playing that. The other drummers were on snare. but couldn't read the notation, somehow I got away with that by just doing what felt right ? and the teacher would even say I was doing well periodically? Either he didn't care that I was shit at it, or an upright bassist I knew once told me it might've been I was just kinda instinctively doing it ok enough, which seems like, not possible to me? But maybe that's something, I don't know what it means. When I listen to music I'm usually just tapping out the baseline or drums I think. Would bass guitar be easier to learn with less music theory expertise than guitar? I saw that somewhere but there wasn't an explanation.
I'm not exactly a "fast" or dexterous person, like I'm not terrible, but the idea of baselines being more repetitive plus not having to worry about 2 extra strings appeals to me, although i know people say it's not actually "easier" generally. I also am hoping to learn how to sing because that's been my only real musical strength maybe. Is it easier to play bass and sing rather than sing and play guitar?
One thing is, I feel like I'm kind of shit at counting/timing? when I tried to learn piano formally it felt impossible, because I was supposed to count out loud or in my head. not sure if I gave up too early, but it just messed me up and what I was playing would sound worse timing-wise than if I just went with it? I'm thinking that if I have shit timing, that would make me bad at bass, but I'm not really sure if my timing is shit or what. Like it seems like it could go either way. The main thing music people have told me is I have a really good ear? But not. anything about timing. idk
I'm not sure if this information is relevant, but what innate skills makes a good bassist in your opinion?
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2021.09.28 16:05 BenAfflecksCig Just say you’re a fan and go. It’s getting weird on Twitter..

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2021.09.28 16:05 BlackwinIV Mask off growth is more important than human happiness

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2021.09.28 16:05 courtsamaziing Per Trisha’s new video about Dear Evan Hansen…

Moses HAS TO know everything he says about the character Evan is a DIRECT CORRELATION to Trisha’s behavior and her compulsive lying. I’m convinced he is letting Trisha know exactly how he feels about her, subtly and indirectly, hoping she will get the hint. There’s no way he doesn’t know exactly what he’s saying. And of course she gets defensive as soon as he opens his mouth because she sees herself in that character. Yikes.
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2021.09.28 16:05 CLNEGreen As we get into Q4 I believe it will become dangerous to trade in/out. I believe there will be significant news coming out of next months NGV Conf Oct 19-21.

Be careful not to be caught with a cleared Stock position
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2021.09.28 16:05 Kapples14 Octillery for Smash: Smash Bros moveset concept

Screw it, Octillery is neat and we need a real Gen 2 rep in Smash. Now Pokemon like Scizor, Togepi, Tyranitar, and even Ariados make more sense as the Johto-mon to go in Smash Bros. Why Octillery, it looks cool and has a great moveset.

Octillery would be a unique fighter. It's attacks have good range and firing speed, but it lacks great close range attacks. You want to keep people away from Octillery as you whittle away at opponents' health. Octillery is a somewhat slow fighter with three good jumps, can wall cling, wall jump, and crawl.

Jab: Octillery will have a projectile jab like Mega Man, firing small bubbles at a semi-spammable rate. These bubbles have weak damage, but make up for it in average hit stun and range. Now you can actually get an added boost if you hit the same opponent with the jab five times, which allows Octillery to fire a long stream of bubbles to rack up damage before launching the opponent
Dash Attack: Octillery launches itself forward for a lunging headbutt
Side Tilt: Octillery fires a jet of water at a straight angle, causing flinching damage to anyone caught
Up Tilt: Octillery flings its head from front to back, firing a stream of fire that can catch foes off guard
Down Tilt: Octillery fires a blob of sludge at a low angle, causing a burst of toxic damage to anyone caught too close
Side Smash: Octillery's Side Smash will be a long ranged attack by firing a watery projectile forward. This will be a slow moving projectile that explodes upon impact
Up Smash: Octillery will rocket itself up for a rock-hard headbutt swinging from back to front. This is a powerful move with super armor around Octillery's head, not to mention getting a solid boost off the ground. Now this does have serious recoil if it hits an opponent
Down Smash: Octillery will spin its body around, flailing its tentacles around while whipping up some water for extra flinching damage. This can launch foes into the air if caught with Octillery's tentacles, but it does come as slowly as it ends
Neutral Aerial: Octillery spins at a diagonal angle with its tentacles extending outward
Forward Aerial: Octillery fires a watery burst that has short range, but solid launching abilities
Back Aerial: Octillery thrusts its tentacles behind it to jab the opponent
Up Aerial: Octillery will do a rising headbutt
Down Aerial: Octillery shoots several hard down below, freezing anyone caught in its path

Grabs: Octillery shoots a whirlpool forward a short distance to trap foes, increasing the pressure of the whirlpool to do damage
Forward Throw: Octillery fires a blast of energy to launch the foe a far distance
Back Throw: Octillery wraps its tentacles around the opponent, swings them around a bit before launching them away
Up Throw: Octillery speeds the whirlpool's rotation so fast that it spits the foe into the air
Down Throw: Octillery jumps into the air and fires a barrage of projectiles into the foe before swatting them away with its tentacles

Neutral Special: Scald
Octillery fires a long stream of scalding hot water similar to Squirtle's Water Gun, with some noticeable differences. This move is a charged attack that gains more power, range, and firing time the longer it is charged for. This attack fires a short distance for three seconds with no charge, but can gain deadly range and fires for six seconds when charged fully. This move does burning damage to targets directly hit, and has some weak pushback
Side Special: Ink Spit
Octillery spits a gravity-affected blob of black ink that explodes into a smokescreen. The ink blob has a solid range, and can be directed in any front-facing direction. This does no damage, but might stun opponents if it hits them. The smoke screen will have a wide radius that leaves anyone caught in it with lowered running and attacking speed. This smokescreen lasts for five seconds, and has a seven second recharge once the smoke dissipates
Up Special: Whirlpool
Octillery spins its body rapidly, creating a whirlpool around it as it raises itself into the air. This can be tilted in a variety of directions for as long as ten seconds, serving as a great aerial option to keep you in the air long enough to reach a platform. The whirlpool around Octillery can do basic damage and pushes foes away from the player, even sponging most projectile attacks. This does end in Octillery going into freefall, though
Down Special: Ice Beam
Octillery fires a beam of energy forward that does average damage for a short time. This will freeze opponents too close to Octillery, giving the user time to jet away or to get in close for the kill. This attack has a five second recharge, so use it wisely

Final Smash: Deep Sea Octazooka
Octillery will fire a massive jet of black water, doing massive damage to all foes caught in its path. Anyone caught in its path who's damage meter reaches up to 100% damage will be K.O.d. As a fun note, the background of the stage changes into a raging ocean

Alternate Colors:

  1. Octillery keeps its main coloration from the games
  2. Octillery gains a blue and cyan coloration as a nod to the Water-type
  3. Octillery gets a light blue and darker blue coloration as a nod to Remoraid
  4. Octillery gets a yellow alt as a nod to its Shiny form
  5. Octillery gets a green and light green alt
  6. Octillery gets a purple and lavender alt
  7. Octillery gets a black and red alt
  8. Octillery gets an orange and brown alt

  1. Octillery will shoot several bubbles into the air
  2. Octillery bounces in the air and does a spin
  3. Octillery spins around spraying ink on the ground

Victory Animations:
  1. Octillery fires water jets in several directions before firing a shot in front of the camera as its name appears on the camera. It then lifts its head in pride
  2. A black cloud of ink appears in the middle of the stage, with Octillery jetting out of the cloud with its tentacles spread out as it lands
  3. The stage is completely submerged in water, with Octillery swimming around before spinning its tentacles as its name appears across the screen. It then swims away into the distance as various fish(?) swim by
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2021.09.28 16:05 SpizdiL Ход конём.

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2021.09.28 16:05 SaintGodfather Ah yes, the child who abused the mother since birth. Of course of course, yes, very COMMON Not at all.

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2021.09.28 16:05 cplatt26 A Panther that’s seen plenty of action

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2021.09.28 16:05 webmediums La mejor receta de marmitako para compartir

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2021.09.28 16:05 jasonmike12 The Best SLEEP Music | 8D Healing Music| "Angel Beats" | Mellowed Sleep...

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2021.09.28 16:05 dfgodoy Concurso PC AL tem RESULTADOS divulgados.

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2021.09.28 16:05 svanapps Crypto Round-up by Kalkine Media: Winds of Change Ahead as Institutions Embrace Crypto Assets

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2021.09.28 16:05 kevinpaulmyrick The Lady Jackets have a chance to increase their odds at a playoff spot today and tomorrow in back-to-back games against LaFayette. Cheer on the home squad this afternoon!

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2021.09.28 16:05 lIlIIlIIIlIII Dakota Johnson in 2020

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2021.09.28 16:05 Xravi Any other reputable trading sites other than d2jsp?

I’ve never used the site but was recently recommended to me and just looking at it makes me cringe. Please down bash me with downvotes because I’m willing to give it a try. I just feel like there’s got to be something more updated than this system. Thanks for any insight.
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2021.09.28 16:05 reggieherman 'Spirit Town' by me

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2021.09.28 16:05 pippoppo58 Non capisco cosa ci sia di male...

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2021.09.28 16:05 Alisalard1384 Why Spider-Man Far from home isn't a good movie

Love it or hate it. Second mcu Spider-Man movie is bad, here's why:
1- How Mysterio knows about who Spider-Man is? Peter's secret identity is one of his red lines. He's so careful about it and he does his best to keep it so it makes no sense for some old random Stark employees know about him
2- Seriously? Tony would give a 15 yo kid (or 16) a lethal weapon? First of all he has a trustworthy military friend for years, he could have given it to Rhodes and it'd be so helpful for him or even US to stop villains. On the other hand he has a wife with a little girl that can be in danger when he's dead, so those weapon can defend them somehow! But Tony just give it to Peter, a kid! He could even tell them to keep it and then give it to Peter when he's old enough. This part made no sense at all.
3- How could Mysterio contact shield? This is not how Shield works. They don't just listen to some random person, despite the fact that they're literally uncontactable.
4- How Mysterio fooled Fury? Shield has access to literally every information. Nick could just see who Mysterio is just by having his fingerprint! Like this: So this guy worked on Stark? Oh he made a machine to regenerate stuff like cinema. Case closed he's a fraud. Even if he would have brought multiverse and variant stuff Nick can ask him for something to prove.
5- The whole Mysterio tricks make no sense. We later saw that everything is lie even Mysterio's suit is something like CGI so how did they perform all this in front of Shield when they were in the base with Spider-Man?
6- How does Mysterio knows about EDITH? Why would he know at all? He was just a normal employee in Stark he should know nothing about it. All of them are Tony's himself invention and he invented them all under his garage or his house so nobody at Stark would know about it.
7- Why'd Fury contact a newbie kid? We have Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, old Steve Rogers, Sam as new cap and War Machine If it's so important and it's about the world then contact an expert not a newbie.
8- Yeah there's a giant monster who's only want to kill Peter's friends but where is Peter? Why villains always want to kill Peter's friends?
9- Nick Fury force a kid to help him on his mission to save the world but when kid presumably fails at his task he kicks him out with no second thought
10- Why Peter always think himself of a not worthy person and this responsibility stuff? Yeah I know with great power comes great responsibility but Peter in whole MCU is like yes I'm not a worthy person because it needs responsible. You know what true responsibility is? It's to have one of the world lethal weapon but not use it. Peter always refuses good things in mcu and then movie brings the responsibility excuse which makes no sense.
As I said earlier you are free to love it or hate. If you are disagree you can just leave a comment below with a reasonable thing other than "This is just a movie" or things like that and if your comment was right I'll respond. I hope you enjoy this, Marvel movies are such a great movies with little details and it hurts me to see a movie like Spider-Man Far from home. Cheers everyone
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2021.09.28 16:05 Rhodizzle Issues Sending Mail to Yahoo

Hey Folks, I'm trying to help out a small non-profit with an issue. They have their email through a local hosting company ( and have individual email as well as bulk email that traverses that service. Just recently, we've seen a sharp increase in Yahoo just ignoring emails. It's not consistent, but sporadic. Around 10% of messages, both individual as well as bulk appear to not make it to the user's account at all (checking spam folders, etc.).
Any guidance on where to start or what could be happening? It's just a recent issue (last couple of months) and does not correspond with any changes.
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2021.09.28 16:05 stereolights Splitting tips with your second shooters

Trying to figure out whether or not I should be upset about something. I second shoot for a woman who is the owner of her business (I'm not her employee, i'm 1099'd). Last weekend, the couple tipped her after a wedding we shot together. She confirmed to me that she had gotten a tip, though I don't know how much it was for. She did not split this with me, didn't kick me back anything in my paycheck (which I thought she might if she had gotten a check), nothing. Am I the asshole for feeling a little cheated? Is this normal?
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2021.09.28 16:05 vibrantPoppy13 Subsequent Pregnancy after C-Section

We are planning another baby after infant loss, and I was told to wait 16 months before we even tried to get pregnant. For perspective, I did have an emergency C-section and ended up with a vertical scar on my uterus. For mamas pregnant after a C-section, what did your timeline look like? How long did you wait after birth to start trying for another? How long did it take you to conceive? Have you had any complications? What does your prenatal care look like?
I know that the longer I wait (planning on 12 instead of 16), the safer it is for me and baby, but I am longing to try again after this loss.
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2021.09.28 16:05 Nandoranges So this is a thing

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